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Note: The chapters are taken from the required textbook. Additional links and reading from internet sources will be added.
Date Topics Reading HW & Project Labs
Jan. 9 Intro: Syllabus, Vulnerabilities, Threats, Attacks [slides] Ch. 1 HW0: create a GENI NCSA account, download kali VM, metasploitable (Note: this homerk will not be graded, but it is needed to complete the rest of your assignments) L1: Command line
Jan. 14 Authentication [slides] Ch. 2
Jan. 16 Authentication [slides], Khan academy videos on information theory. Ch. 2
Jan. 21 Additional Reading SHA1, Access Control [slides], Reconnaissance [slides] Ch. 2
Jan. 23 Cryptography - intro [slides] Ch. 2
Jan. 28 Cryptography - intro [slides] Ch. 12
Jan. 30 Cryptography - DES, AES DES, AES [slides] Ch. 12 L2: Password tools
Feb. 4 Cryptography - Key Exchange Diffie Hellman [slides], Confusion vs. Diffusion [link] Ch. 12 HW1
Feb. 6 Cryptography - RSA Ch. 12
Feb. 11 Computer networks nuts and volts [slides] L3: crypto tools
Feb. 13 Computer networks nuts and volts [slides]
Feb. 18 Computer networks nuts and volts (DNS, TCP, UDP), Midterm Review
Feb. 20 Midterm Exam
Feb. 25 Computer Networks (TCP/IP) L4: Wireshark
Feb. 27 Computer Networks (TCP/IP)
3-Mar Web app exploits [slides] ch. 4
5-Mar Web app exploits, Browser vulnerabilities [slides] ch. 4 HW2: injection, XSS, GENI TCP/IP stack Lab 5: Web app exploits (in class, no submission on Oaks)
10-Mar Network Security [slides] ch. 6
12-Mar Computer Networks (ARP) - Online lecture [video1: Layer 2, video2: Protocol Insecurities Part1, video3>] ch. 6
17-Mar Spring Break
19-Mar Spring Break Deadline for NCL Registration - March 20
24-Mar Network Security Project: NCL March 23-30 Mandatory Pre-season
26-Mar Network Security HW3: GENI DNS spoofing, DDoS & Snort
31-Mar Software security ch. 3
2-Apr Software security [slides] ch. 3, Smashing the stack for fun and profit Project: NCL April 3-5 Mandatory Individual Game
7-Apr Software security ch. 3
9-Apr OS security [slides] ch. 5 Lab 6: Penetration Testing
14-Apr OS security ch. 5
16-Apr OS security ch. 5 HW4: buffer 0verflow
21-Apr Final review [pdf, slides]
Final Exam: Section 01 April 28 16:00 - 19:00, Section 02 April 26 16:00 - 19:00