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Welcome To CSCI 360

Why you should take this class:

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Judge legal issues in software projects
  2. Construct UML diagrams
  3. Apply UML diagrams in different phases of a software engineering project
  4. Formulate the requirements and specifications for a software project
  5. Examine software architectural styles
  6. Apply appropriate design principles to software projects
  7. Build software with OO Design principles
  8. Compare different software designs
  9. Design and implement software test cases
  10. Explain the software lifecycle and how it applies to different projects
  11. Build GUIs for enhanced user experience
  12. Understand the importance of project management in software
  13. Distinguish software design patterns
  14. Design software projects considering security, performance, usability, and data integrity.