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Note: The chapters are taken from the required textbook. Additional links and reading from internet sources will be added.
Week Topics Reading
1 Intro: Syllabus, Attacks and Defense Mechanisms [slides], Pen Testing Lab Setup Ch. 1, 2 Intro to Pen testing textbook, OWASP Attack Categorization, Trusting Trust
2 Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Model, STRIDE [slides] Vulnerability Assessments: The Pro-active Steps to Secure Your Organization
Reconnaisance Lab Ch. 3, ch. 5 GW, Attack Trees
3 Network Nuts and Bolts [slides], Research in Cybersecurity [slides], Lab: Edurange & GENI setup account SANS Computer Networks Crash Course
Network Nuts and bolts (continued)
4 Network Nuts and bolts (continued), Scanning Lab SANS video tutorials (scroll down to the "Networking" section)
Project Proposal Presentations
5 IDS [slides] IDS tutorial
6 IPS [slides], Firewalls [slides] ch. 21 Sec Engr book
Network Attacks [slides], Command Line Lab
7 DDoS Lab, Network Attacks [slides]
DDoS Lab, Network Attacks [slides]
8 Midterm Review, Network Security Protocols [slides]
Midterm ch. 4: "Exploitation"
9 Spring Break
Spring Break
10 Metasploit video, Metasploit unleashed
Metasploit Q&A, Web App Exploits [slides] ch. 6
11 Web App Exploits [slides]
SQL Injection lab, Project progress checkpoint
12 Stack Exploits & Secure programming [slides] Smashing the stack for fun and profit
Cryptography [slides]
13 Cryptography [slides]
Cryptography [slides]
14 Cryptography [slides] RSA
15 Hashing [slides], IPSec [slides]
IPSec, Social Engineering[slides], Maltego tutorial ch. 5
16 Legal and Ethical Issues in Cybersecurity [slides] Homework solutions and class review [slides]
Final Exam on May 2, 4-7 pm: Project Presentations